Constitution and Canons

The written rules that govern our diocese

The Constitution and Canons are the written rules governing diocesan policy, structure and procedure. They must be in conformance with the Constitution and Canons of the national church. What’s the difference? A constitution is the fundamental legal document of an institution, establishing its existence, structure and rules for governance. A canon is a specific ecclesiastical rule of law enacted by a Convention in sync with the constitution.

Diocesan Constitution and Canons

Constitution, Canons and Rules October 2019

(*updated June 25, 2020, to now reflect Canonical changes adopted in 2013 that were never made: specifically the removal of a Section of Canon 11, which required subsequent Section numbers to be adjusted. Those numbers are now correct.)

ECR ParliamentaryProcedure_2009 – Covers the most likely issues.

Ballot Counting Process for Multiple Positions (*in effect for Diocesan Convention 2009)

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National Constitution and Canons

2012 National Constitution and Canons

Access sections of the 2012 National Constitution and Canons using links within the Table of Contents.

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